Besides the many OEM’s that come to United Scientific to complete their work, our skills are often used by other great manufacturing companies, just like us. They work hard to satisfy their customer requirements, yet, at any given time, those requests may go beyond their ability to meet certain deadlines or exceed their capacity for higher quantity production requests.

We are here to assist you.

We often assume the role of a 2nd facility for our Manufacturing Partnerships. Our capability allows us to be flexible. So, we can assist manufacturers within a wide variety of markets served and materials needed, all with custom assembly and delivery options.

Rest assured, we will work with you to satisfy all your customer requirements. Utilizing the United Scientific dedication to every customer’s success, our Partnerships with other Manufacturers remain consistent, not only to our Quality initiatives but also by assuming any role and fulfilling any need throughout the manufacturing process.



“We simply could not keep up with the demand of our customer. We could provide 5,000 pieces/day, they wanted 10,000. What do you do? You call United Scientific! After reviewing the part just once, understanding the specific tolerance levels required and having the material delivered, they were up and running within days. Partnering with them is easy. The outcome made us look great with our customer. We are grateful to the professionals at United Scientific.”

New CMM & Quality Inspection Dept. On-Time Delivery. Safety. Inventory Options.