Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
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United Scientific - Aerospace Service

The aerospace industry is growing, and the demand for fast, accurate and precise CNC aerospace parts and manufacturing has skyrocketed.

The dedicated professionals at United Scientific are here and ready to provide our customers with quality aerospace parts manufacturing at a reasonable cost. We understand technology has made it easier for customers to take the business elsewhere, but here’s why they choose United Scientific for Aerospace machine shop needs.


United Scientific is a parts manufacturing company, operating a fully-functional, multi-capability, high-performance facility located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We have been serving our customers since the 1940s, with a comprehensive focus on providing diversified and multi-faceted aerospace machines and parts manufacturing. We offer a wide range of aerospace manufacturing services including assembly, design support, machining, testing, welding, grinding, and finishing.

Our employees begin each project with the understanding the work they perform is essential to our customers’ success. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed because, at United Scientific, we know every part we manufacture is a vital component that can affect whether something an aerospace machine works is a success, or fails. And when it comes to our customers, failure is not an option!


Why do companies continue to turn to United Scientific for their aerospace parts manufacturing needs?

Three words ­— quality, accuracy, and precision. Our scientific document quality process generates a 99-plus percent accuracy factor and yields a combined 131 Defective Parts Per Million, which is well under the industry benchmark. We believe in “Engineered Inspection,” and with a fully equipped, committed inspection department operated by specialists.

All United Scientific customers experience the feeling of satisfaction, knowing from start to finish, the professionals at United Scientific will meet, and when possible, exceed their customers’ requirements. In the words of one of the ISO 9001 Independent Auditor, “the internal Audit Program at United Scientific is outstanding. This is one of the best Internal Audit Programs this Auditor has EVER witnessed.” Since quality is what we are known for, we are determined to keep it this way.


At United Scientific, we are often called upon by other aerospace CNC machining and aerospace parts manufacturing companies. We often assume the role of a second facility for our aerospace manufacturing partnerships. Our capability allows for flexibility. Partnerships give United Scientific opportunities to aid our fellow manufacturers and ensure they meet their customers’ needs and requirements.


Here at United Scientific, we believe in being “Scientific in Process, United in Purpose.”

Our aerospace customers trust us to handle their aerospace parts requests. We combine exemplary customer service with aerospace parts manufacturing and CNC machining expertise. We have the right tools needed to complete any aerospace machine project correctly, on-time and with the highest level of quality assurance. Our team will always practice stringent safety protocols, run lean and green wherever possible, and strive for zero defects with 100% on-time delivery rates. Most importantly, at United Scientific, we listen to our customers and our partners and work together to ensure requirements are met.

United Scientific is the company to call for quality, on-time delivery, and accessibility to meet your aerospace manufacturing needs.


To learn more about our aerospace services and how United Scientific Inc. can support your project, contact us at 651-483-1500, or email [email protected]