Manufacturing Partners

Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
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United Scientific Is Your Manufacturing Partner

Companies look to a Manufacturing Partner for a variety of reasons: lowering production costs, reducing labor costs, redirecting excess demand, seeking a better quality product, looking for enhanced capabilities.

We at United Scientific are ready and able to take on each and every one of those challenges. 

We are “Scientific in Process” to generate the best in class componentry. We are “United in Purpose” with our customers to get them the precise and accurate components they need to complete their projects. 

You can expect to find all the characteristics demanded of a successful manufacturing partner at United Scientific. 

United Scientific Capability

At United Scientific, we are prepared to assist our customers through the entire manufacturing process. Serving our customers since the 1940s, we have a broad range of knowledge and skills to assist in completing part manufacturing projects: 

  • Prototyping – we work with our customers and their design team to layout and produce the prototype. 
  • Designing for Manufacturability (DFM) – we ensure that all parts generated meet the prescribed specifications while maintaining manufacturability, and containing costs. 
  • Manufacturing – we have equipment and expertise to accommodate the manufacturing style you need. Including, but not limited to: Plasma Cutting, Welding, Aluminum Casting, Heat Treating, and Coating and Plating.
  • Optimizing inventory levels – from raw materials to finished products, we partner with our customers and our suppliers to maintain a seamless supply chain and minimize inventory levels. 
  • Delivering on-time – we provide 100% on-time delivery rates. 

The Quality At United Scientific

We are ISO 9001 Registered and Certified. Our Audit Report Summary is available for viewing on our website. Quality initiatives that we maintain include: 

  • the latest inspection technology including a Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine, 
  • an internal audit procedure that exceeds all quality expectations, and 
  • outstanding document control and change tracking procedures. 

We strive for zero defects and currently maintain a 131 Defective Parts Per Million metric, which is well under the industry benchmark. When asked what comes to mind when they think of United Scientific, our customers’ number one response is “quality.”

Continuous Improvement

An outstanding manufacturer will not stay an outstanding manufacturer without Continuous Improvement Initiatives in place. We may be leaning out the office with a little 5S, or taking some of the variability out of a manufacturing process with a Value Stream Map. Regardless, we are always working towards making United Scientific the best Manufacturing Partner it can be. 

In addition, we continue to improve our capabilities by progressively investing in the latest tools and technology. 

We also believe in investing in the human aspect of manufacturing, and staff the best machinists in the area. We continue to provide training for these individuals and teams, as well, to learn new techniques and keep their skills at the forefront of industry standards.


We have the capability and quality procedures in place to manufacture the part our customers need to the highest quality standards. However, none of that will matter if effective communication does not occur between the Customer, Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Supplier, Production, and Shipping. 

It doesn’t matter how accurately the part was machined if a change to the specifications never made it to the machinist. 

All the inventory control in the world is of no use if an issue with incoming materials is never communicated to the customer. 

We can promise 100% on-time delivery until we’re blue in the face, but that won’t help if the customer’s transportation and logistics information was never received. 

Our communications are accurate, efficient, and transparent. From how we answer the phone to having up-to-date data on customer orders, communication is a top priority. 

Whether you are looking to lower costs, re-direct excess production, or are looking for a better quality supplier, United Scientific is a Manufacturing Partner you can turn to.