Recreational Equipment

Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
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United Scientific - Recreational Equipment

Whether it’s skydiving, base jumping, hang gliding, go-kart racing, rock climbing or just a nice bike ride through the park, the demands of recreational equipment requires precision machining parts and mechanisms combining various factors to ensure not only quality, beautiful appearance, and durability, but most importantly, safety.

At United Scientific, safety is as important to us as quality, precision, and accuracy. We offer our clients the assurance that our staff understands the work they are performing is critical to the success of every project and product we produce. Trust and assurance are what our customers demand because their customers’ safety relies on the products and parts we manufacture.


Located St. Paul, Minnesota, United Scientific specializes in precision machining part manufacturing. We operate a multi-disciplined, fully qualified facility capable of custom and precision machining manufacturing of extreme durability high strength, corrosion, and UV-resistance or lightweight recreational equipment. Our customers trust us because we provide them with the highest levels of reliability and consistency.

Since the 1940s, United Scientific has provided customers with a complete focus on providing a varied and intricate recreational equipment parts manufacturing and CNC machining shop.

Our employees perform every project; understanding their work is indispensable to our customers’ success. United Scientific clients know they’ll receive expert recreational equipment parts manufacturing and product production from our skillful machining industry specialists, with speed, accuracy, precision, and quality included.


United Scientific offers millions of options in recreational parts manufacturing. Our exclusive part and component manufacture experience in numerous recreational equipment product applications. Every product and tool manufactured is manufactured with precision, quality, and safety in mind.

Our facility is equipped with multi-axis machining, electrical and mechanical assembly, testing and inspection services and design support. Our machine shop specialists mix supply chain management and lean productions processes to ensure our clients receive accurate, resourceful solutions that address their requests and needs.

Our experience with recreational equipment precision manufacturing is one of the foundations of our success. Add in our scientific document quality process, which generates a 99-plus percent accuracy factor and yields a combined 131 Defective Parts Per Million, and our clients know we’ll always strive to maintain an on-time delivery rate of 95 to 100 percent.


With United Scientific, our team knows that every skydive, rock climb, bungee jump or mountain bike race depends on its parts providing quality, precision, accuracy, and safety. With us, our clients know they are working with knowledgeable professionals, equipped with passion and heirs to a heritage of excellence.

We provide our clients not only with a wide range of recreational equipment services, but also aerospace, medical device, and automotive machine shop services. Our services include, but aren’t limited to, research and development, product design and engineering. From concept to finished product, United Scientific is with you every step of the way.

At United Scientific, our clients always receive excellent customer service with expert precision CNC machining and recreational parts manufacturing. We have the tools, knowledge, and skills to complete any project on-time and with the highest level of precision and quality assurance.

Here at United Scientific, we are “Scientific in Process, United in Purpose.”


To learn more about our services, email [email protected] or call us at 651-483-1500 and discover how United Scientific can support your project.