Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
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Construction - United Scientific

Construction is a broad and evolving field. Many different types of products with tight tolerances are needed to achieve quality results. There is no better choice in precise machining for construction tools and parts than United Scientific. Quality and precision go into every machined part and mechanism needed to make your job professional every time.

Part of the MPMA, Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association, we are held to a higher standard. Our company’s commitment goes beyond the typical workday. As we state in our mission statement, we have a personal commitment to professionalism and quality. Listening to every partner, client, and employee, we strive to move the industry forward.

Over 70 years of experience is only the beginning of reasons why United Scientific is the company you can trust for CNC and machining requirements. Specifications for parts and tools in construction must meet industry standards, improving the quality of work throughout the job.

Receiving a defect part or tool ordered with specific measurements is more than frustrating; it costs time and money to reconcile. Ninety-nine percent quality product manufacturing is our proudest ongoing achievement with only 131 parts per million in defects, much lower than other manufacturers.

Because of our top of the line designers and machinists, United Scientific receives requests from other manufacturers who require assistance to meet their production goals.

These companies know that United Scientific is the all-around manufacturer necessary to partner with when you need exceptional results. Continued quality control is what keeps our results consistent. We put a high premium on taking care of customer concerns.

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, our facility has only the best in CNC machining and manufacturing. We take the guesswork out of the equation left with only expertise and quality.

Instilled in every employee is a sense of determination and unmatched training in their specialized field. Our consistently upgraded equipment meets the high demand for quality products you need when millimeters make the difference. We always deliver quality, on budget, and on time.

“Manufacturing Results.” The phrase under our name says everything you need to know. We get it done on-time with passion for precision every time. Each component manufactured will go through state of the art quality control facilities to give each client the results they expect. Clients are enthralled with the product as their company benefits from the attention to detail.

Bottom line, you need United Scientific to accompany you in all your CNC and manufacturing requirements. Our manufacturing partners agree United Scientific and their dedication to safety, quality, and production results are unmatched in the industry. After receiving the 9001 QMS (Quality Management System)in 2008, the auditor’s comments are more than flattering; they prove our worth and dedication to the precise nature of our field.

Call today to meet with a consultant and get your company on track with the highest ranked CNC machinist and manufacturer for construction tools and parts, making your company the company to call.