Food Processing

Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
Scientific in Process. United in Purpose.
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Customized Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Let United Scientific assist you with parts orders for all your food processing equipment.  From rollers and prep to heat and mechanical food processing equipment, United Scientific is committed to preparing and delivering the parts you order with a 99-plus percent accuracy rating on all precision machining work.

We guarantee the parts we make will assimilate seamlessly into a wide variety of processing machinery, ensuring your food processing equipment and production line run smoothly the first time and every time.

At United Scientific, our CNC-trained machinists combined with our state-of-the-art equipment are sure to make your parts order a seamless win for your finished product.  Contact us today for an initial consult, where we can determine your needs and align our service.

What are the Steps in Food Processing?

Food processing equipment is designed to do any of the following with food products:

  • Handling
  • Preparation
  • Storage
  • Cooking
  • Packaging

These machines may work alone or as part of a food processing system with several other components. Parts production in the food processing application must be designed and precision-machined to handle a variety of materials.

Things like wet and dry ingredients, hot or cold applications. And a variety of food textures or other components in the food processing system like baking containers or packaging supplies.

When your parts are reliable and machined correctly, your entire food processing production line runs smoothly for best ROI and lowest downtime.

What Sort of “Food Makers” Do We Service?

We partner with equipment makers on their large jobs as well as customized orders for single units. In food production, the list of equipment is seemingly endless.

We understand the need for part production to accommodate a large number of applications.  Some examples of the equipment types we produce for include:

  • Washing systems
  • Spray washers
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Separators
  • Peeling/Skinning machines
  • Sorters
  • Mixers
  • Crushers
  • Slicers
  • Grinders
  • Ovens
  • Blanchers
  • Dryers

We are equipped to make precision parts for a wide variety of food processing equipment.  Once we know the size, scope, and type of your application, we will machine your parts to your specifications quickly and accurately with your specialized delivery requirements in mind.

A Small Firm is a Big Deal in Parts Production

At United Scientific, our team is agile, experienced, and accommodating to the food processing industry. We can tackle small to large size orders with a high degree of customization using our leading-edge CNC manufacturing protocols. 

We use a variety of materials to meet your food processing system requirements, all at the most competitive price.

The service team is dedicated to clear communication and job detailing so you know your products are made right the first time. Our machinists are trained specialists in new CNC technology to ensure the precision of your part or parts on every order.

United Scientific has a goal –  to ensure your system works well and the equipment you produce (or the food you make) meets with customer satisfaction every time.

Call us today and let us partner with you to create the best part for the job.