United Scientific is a part manufacturing company. Using a wide variety of materials, our parts are often integral to a larger assembly. Therefore, the precision associated with how the part is manufactured is just as important as the quality-level of every piece we deliver. We perform for most any industry and partner with other manufacturers by assisting when the load gets heavy. Small to large-run production. Pricing is competitive and delivery is on-time. All sizes and shapes, simple to intricate. Documented processes with a 99% accuracy factor.

ISO 9001 Registered and Certified. “The internal Audit Program at United Scientific is OUTSTANDING. This is one of the BEST Internal Audit Programs this Auditor has EVER witnessed.” -ISO 9001 Independent Auditor’s Statement

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“We had a need for multiple parts to be manufactured fast with very tight tolerances. Finding United Scientific was a real stroke of luck. When they say they can do it, they mean it.”

“When I think of United Scientific, I think of Quality. Quality in their people, in their dedication to satisfying customer needs and probably most of all, quality in the way they do business.”

New CMM & Quality Inspection Dept. On-Time Delivery. Safety. Inventory Options.