Four Reasons Your Company Can Benefit From a Precision Machine Shop

Benefits of using a Precision Machine shop

In the ever-changing global marketplace, staying competitive in your industry can be challenging. With rising costs of materials, the increase in digital marketing demands, and uncertain economic times, it is critical that you streamline your company’s efforts to stay profitable and viable year after year. Choosing to use a high-quality precision machine shop will allow you to do just that.

If you have wondered if hiring a precision machine shop is the right move for your business, reach out to the team at United Scientific Inc. today. With a highly-trained staff and industry-leading technology, we can produce what you need, when you need it.

What Does a Precision Machine Shop Do?

At its basic level, a precision machine shop uses subtractive processes to remove material from a starting blank to produce parts, pieces, and components for manufacturing clients. This subtraction happens through the use of any or all of these machining practices:

  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Sawing
  • Milling
  • Grinding

Specialized tools use the digital plans rendered from computer-aided design to produce the required specifications. Trained machinists set and adjust the devices and run the program as specified.

In contrast to the machining systems, additive processes form pieces by adding layers of material until the desired shape, size, and parameters emerge. 3D printing is one of the most popular types of additive production.

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Although it has gained popularity in recent years, 3D printing remains a much more limited option compared to precision machining. There are limits to the type of substance that can work as a filament in the printers. Machining, on the other hand, can work on almost any material such as wood, foam, metal, and plastic.

Who Uses Precision Machine Shops?

Who Uses Precision Machine shops

You might be surprised by the number of industries that rely on the skills of machinists. If you look around your home or office, the odds are there is something within your reach that uses machined parts.

In addition to traditional manufacturing markets, all of these industries use precision machine shops to produce what they need:

  • Medicine and Research – Medical laboratories rely heavily on precision machine shops to provide accurate pieces on time. Modern research facilities cannot operate without the myriad equipment needed to run tests and protect samples. Machinists supply the parts for that equipment.
  • Aerospace and Aircraft – Not many industries demand precision as much as the aircraft and aerospace industry does. Landing gear, security machinery, and control panels impact people’s lives and safety daily. There is no room for error in aerospace machine shops.
  • Defense – From tank parts to weapons to communication devices, defense departments around the globe need the services of precision machine shops to have top-notch supplies on time.
  • Commercial – Retail companies need reliable, repeatable machining services to be able to keep up with market demand for their products. Fast, high volume output with the ability to change specs as needed is critical in commercial markets.
  • Optics – The precise nature of machining makes it feasible for manufacturers of optical products to work rapidly through several prototypes. Everything from reading glasses to telescopes to microscopes uses machined parts.
  • Food Industry – As food production becomes more and more streamlined and automated, the demand for machined parts is growing. From devices to assess food safety to equipment used in food preparation, machining is becoming a big part of the industry.

Four Reasons Your Company Needs a Precision Machine Shop

If you have been on the fence about hiring a precision machine shop, take the time to learn all about their services for these reasons:

1. Accuracy

As you would expect from something with precision in its name, a precision machine shop is all about accuracy. Many industries, in particular, defense and aerospace, require parts with extremely tight tolerances. There is almost no room for deviation. If your company hopes to win bids in these areas, you must employ a machine shop that can deliver with extreme precision.

United Scientific Inc. is proud to hold the prestigious ISO 9001 Certification that demonstrates our commitment to zero defects and documented accuracy of at least 99% of the time.

2. Timeliness

Modern industry moves fast. Your business cannot compete if it doesn’t have a way to produce parts and merchandise quickly enough to keep up. When you need a prototype in a hurry or must make changes to the specifications of an existing piece, you need the work finished right away. Using a trusted precision machine shop ensures you can get what you need with a short turnaround. If you waste precious days or weeks waiting for a part, the market may leave you behind.

3. Expertise

Although there are times a business may try to produce self-made prototypes and components, they soon recognize that they lack the experience and knowledge to do so. The skill of machinists is not something to take lightly. They have specialized training and significant know-how that a novice cannot duplicate. They also have state-of-the-art tools that finish the job correctly and in a short time.

4. Cost

Businesses are all about the bottom line. You want to increase profits and lower expenses. If you do not have a precision machine shop completing jobs for you, then you likely are paying for a lot of employee hours to complete something a shop could do in moments.

Also, when trying to do this in-house, there are going to be a lot of mistakes that cost more time and materials. Hiring the services of a precision machine is worth it. The return on investment will boost your bottom line.

United Scientific Is On Your Side

United Scientific is On Your Side

If you are wary of trying to go it alone in your parts manufacturing, let United Scientific Inc. help you out. Our expert machinists and friendly staff will work with you to determine what level of service you need for your company to be competitive and profitable.

Our team represents over 70 years of experience in the machining industry. We are honored to be your trusted partner. Contact us today to see how we may serve you.